Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Well, at my house it's flat wraps filled with amazing veggies, hummus, and a hint of cheese! To make a yummy wrap follow these simple steps (but do remember that not all wraps are created equal - try and stay away from the white flour tortilla type): Spread 1-2 tablespoons of hummus on wrap (I used Sabra Classic hummus on a flat, whole wheat wrap made by Damascus Bakery) Grate 1/2 cleaned and peeled cucumber on top. Add 1/4 cup fresh, chopped tomatoes. Top with a small handful of leafy greens (I used a baby spinach and arugala mix). A sprinkle of fresh shredded cheese. So perfect for a quick, inexpensive dinnner! I haven't worked out the pointsplus yet, as I have switched to the simply filling plan on weight watchers but I would hazard a guess of about 6 pp, using this brand of wrap. Enjoy!

It's a Giveaway!

As we prepare to move and our lives are changing in so many ways, I thought it would be wise to start monitoring traffic on this blog and see if I can begin to build a following - maybe with our move I will change the Brooklyn Clothesline to the Isle of Long Clothesline! So, in such an effort, I've decided to hold a giveaway!

I will process a drawing on September 13th, 2011 for one of my hand knit, Leaf PEEper diaper covers. The cover is made of 100% pure merino wool. The hand knit leaves that are knitted onto the cover are made of 100% acrylic. This is not a concern for diaper wearers, as there is a layer of wool beneath the leaves. You can wash and lanolize as usual. I will also include a surprise gift with the giveaway! You may choose from green, orange, or brown as your main color, and several different colors for the leaves. I will customize the soaker to fit your baby!

In order to enter, please leave a comment below. If you like, tell me why you love cloth diapering and/or what you love about wool!

I will use a random number generator to select a winner. Winner will be announced at 3pm on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011. Good luck and thanks for visiting!


Monster Longies. Pattern courtesy of Hrönn Jónsdóttir. Her pattern is easy to work up and would take a beginner knitter just a couple of weeks to work - assuming you are just doing a little a day. As a "beginner" knitter myself, these longies were easy to knit up, but I am a rather slow knitter, and relatively new to circular knitting (these being my second circular knitting project). I would imagine a more experienced knitter would be able to knit these in just a few days. The pattern can be found on infobarrel by clicking here. Additionally, Hrönn has a Ravelry account where you can find the original pattern.
This next project was quite easy. I found the free patterns on a lovely Blog called Natural Suburbia. Linda's patterns are very easy to follow, well written, and simply wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns, Linda. You can go directly to Natural Suburbia by clicking here. Linda has so many wonderful patterns. I also made a small apple and pumpkin for Michael to play with.
My own little masterpiece(s). Here is Michael sporting a fall wook soaker. I named these soakers "Leaf PEEpers". They are made of 100% merino superwash wool, with the exception of the leaves, which are knitted from acrylic yarn and knitted onto the soaker, not knit in intarsia.

Looking forward to sharing more projects in the near future!

A Very Happy Baby

Since my first mobile to blog entry worked so well, I figured I would go ahead and give it a go with a picture. Here is my very happy baby, playing in his room, in his favorite "outfit" of a cloth diaper and leg warmers. This has been his "uniform" so to speak, for the last few weeks. So comfy in warmer temps and the leg warmers help protect his crawling legs!

School Days

I figured since I am up and have some time to kill I would test my mobile to blog feature and write a bit this morning.

As I drove to the car dealership to drop the car off for service I noticed something quite interesting. So many stops as I drove because children were being picked up by carpools in private mini-vans and SUV's. No doubt filled with eager children - excited, nervous, happy, scared but ready for their first day of school. It made me think of two things. The first thought that came to mind was that this sort of site is quite familiar to me, as I was raised in the suburbs where more children were driven to school in cars, than those whom rode in buses. A very interesting sight, as most schools are neigborhood schools and are within walking distance. Even in my own hometown and little village it was common to see at least several dozen children slowly making their way, by foot, to school; myself included as my age permitted it. Of course there was always the line of SUV's in front of the school dropping off one or more children. Just an interesting
observation, I suppose.

My second thought was more of a feeling. How I miss the excitement of a new school year. Even in college, I can still remember the first day, of my last year of grad school. I remember telling myself how this would likely be the last "first day of school" I would ever have, as myself as the attending student. School days make me think of fall, cool weather, school holidays, new teachers, and new friends. I remember most of my first school days and must say that I got a bit teary thinking of the next time I "experience" a first day of school. Yes, that day when Michael first steps on a yellow school bus and leaves the comforts of the home we have made for him and enters a whole new world of learning and discovery; it is both incredibly exciting and scary at the same time. But, I've got five years to prepare myself for that, althought I know that's simply not enough time.

In other news, unrelated to school, I have been busy working on knitting projects and trying to mentally prepare myself for our move. I'm so excited about starting our life together in a new home and waiting on the closing has been a true test of my patience - of which I have very little of.

If all goes well I will post some pictures later today of my recent projects and of course, my beautiful, growing little boy.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Almost ready to move...

I have this overwhelming feeling that in about 10 days our lives are going to become very, very busy! So, for the past week I've been busy wrapping up projects, making lists of things to do, and trying to really enjoy our last days living in Brooklyn. I completed my first pair of Monster Longies (wool pants) for Michael, as well as two more fall inspired Leaf PEEpers wool soakers (diaper covers). This week I will try to finish up a pair of longies I am making for a friend and wrap up a scarf I started a few months back. Pictures to come of all the projects.

I was able to finish a few small acorns and leaves for my aunt as well, and hope they will be a nice surprise and welcome sight in her home in sunny Florida!

Cloth diapering is coming along well, despite a minor setback. When we originally decided to cloth diaper, I had ordered a dozen Charlie banana diapers from Zulily. It took weeks for them to get her, but that was fine because we needed time to build up more diapers. In that time I was able to acquire about a dozen more diapers. When the CB's arrived, much to my disappointment, I realized they did not fit Michael very well. Since I had prepped them and washed them, I could not return them and worse yet, I was out 12 diapers in my rotation. So, back online I went - stalking my favorite brand in the hopes of scoring more coveted Ragababe diapers, and buying a few other brands to try out. I am happy to say we now have 16 diapers and one more on the way. Ideally, I would like to have 30 so I have plenty for a three day rotation.

Finally, our days have been getting nicer as cooler weather approaches and we can finally head outside and enjoy cool breeze and sunny skies. The sweltering heat of the summer this year was not favorable for outdoor activities with a small baby in tow. So sadly much of our summer was spent indoors in the air conditioning.

I will post again soon, hopefully shortly after we move into our new place. We've had a set back in the closing date as the seller was not ready back in august, so we are all finally ready to move forward. Mikey is anxious to play in his new room and I am very anxious to start our new life in our new home!