Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Less than 7 weeks to go and I'm swamped with projects, along with my normal workload! I just wanted to take a minute this morning and share some of the projects I have started, but have yet to complete (although I am close!).

My first project, that is quite time-limited as Christmas approaches rapidly, is a pair of Christmas stockings for my husband and soon-to-be son. Many moons ago my Mom purchased a vintage stocking for me. At the time, I was just a small child, and the stocking was made in the 1950's. Several Christmas' were spent eagerly awaiting Mom and Dad to wake up, and during that time my siblings and I would empty our our stockings to see what Santa had filled them with. Often times they contained small, wrapped gifts that we would wait to open, but even though it was expected, we always looked forward to the annual items: walnut (that we would immediately chuck at each other amongst excited giggles), Kattetongs (pieces of chocolate in the shape of a small, double-ended spoon, made by a man we only ever knew as "the candyman"), chewing gum, and of course, an orange at the bottom of the stocking. Christmas just would not have been the same without the opening of our stockings before Mom and Dad awoke and I hope to give our child the same sweet memories. Luckily, I was able to find the pattern for the same stocking I still have. A few weeks ago my husband and I stopped at the craft store and he picked out the colors for what would be his stocking, and one for Michael as well. While the shades of red, green, and white don't exactly match the colors of my original stocking, he picked some great wools and so far, so good! I've managed to recreate about half of the stocking so far, after much googling and teaching myself how to knit in Intarsia :) I must say, I am impressed so far - I'm just hoping I am able to keep up with the pattern when the time comes to turn the heel!

To save others some time, I found the vintage Bernat Stocking Pattern on another knitters blog. Check out Ruthless Knitting for the pattern, info, and all the specs:

I've been using Vanna's Choice, by Lion Brand, for the red, green, and white, and a beautiful off-white, angora I picked up at Purl in SoHo. As soon as I have completed both stockings I will update with a pictures of all three stockings.

Another project I am working on is a sweater, hat, mitten and scarf (for Mom) set for a friend of mine. I started out by making a sweater for my little guy using the Lion Brand pattern for the Playdate hoodie sweater (this can be found on Lion Brand's webpage) and making sure I could complete the project first, before setting out to make someone else the same item! I use a basic baby hat pattern, and basic thumbless mitten pattern. The scarf is a single cable scarf made with the same Vanna's choice yarn that I craft the sweater with. Below is a picture of the first sweater I made for my little one. More pictures to come of the completed projects. Since our babies will be born within 2 months of each other, and knowing how many newborn baby items I received at my shower, I decided to make each set sized for a 1 year old. I can't wait to finish this project and send it to my friend, I know she will love it!

Finally, my last knitting project is a scarf for myself. I've made so many scarves (as that was all I could knit for a long time) that I'd really like to use up some of my fisherman's wool on a nice double-cabled scarf for myself.

In addition to these projects, I've almost got all my "nesting" things done, although I am sure that will change as my little one gets close to him arrival! I've got a few last minute things to catch up on, like finishing packing my hospital bag, and organizing little Michael's room, again. But, I think I've got a little bit of time to finish up. Christmas cards must be finished and cookie party invitations must go out next week - so let's hope for a productive week this week!