Thursday, August 12, 2010


Avery, day 2

So, since finding out I was pregnant, I have not had much time to stop and write about our other, very important addition, Avery.

Three days before we found out that we were expecting, we began fostering a small, shorty Jack Russell Terrier named Mimi. I picked up "Mimi" at a shelter here in Brooklyn on a very rainy, April morning. Mimi, whom now answers to the name Avery, was shy, scared, and very sad looking. I remember taking her for a short walk outside the shelter to see if she responded to me. She would not look up at me, or acknowledge me at all. I had a terrible feeling that I would not be able to help her, which was very unsettling. I walked her back into the shelter and we walked to the director's office together. I sat in a chair and Avery was occupied with sniffing and smelling all sorts of things that were clearly new to her. She still would not make eye contact with me, even after I called her by her name and held my hand out for her to sniff. I asked lots of questions and tried to get the low down on Avery's story. The only information they were really able to provide was that Avery had been surrendered by her owners and that she was 6 years old, and scared. They also explained that she had been taken from the shelter to an adoption event and had been adopted, but was then returned a week later; with the new owners citing "aggression" issues.

I looked over at Avery, who had at that point decided to sit and watch us chatting", and called her name and she came over to me, now jumping at my leg. She was still a bit timid, and very scared, with her tail between her legs. I did not want to leave her at the shelter, but in my mind I knew that my abilities and experience with "aggressive" dogs was extremely limited. In the end, I knew my duty was to "foster" her and try to help her. I signed her out, and after 3 years without a dog, I now held my own little "second hand" dog.

She was scared in the car, but inquisitive at the same time. She sat in my last most of the way home, and since it was raining and I did not want to have to go back out, I took her right to the pet store to buy food, treats, a leash, collar, and some toys. I purchased several items and Avery seemed to be happy in the pet store, even picking out her own ball.

Jumping to reach the fountain! Avery loves water!

We returned home and, despite my husband's uneasiness about fostering a dog, the best I could do was explain again that if she didn't work with us, they would find her another foster home and then at least she would have a nice few days with us. He seemed ok with the idea. That first day, and first week, as rough. But, Avery began to adjust to us, and at that point some of her behaviors began to come out.
Avery is not "aggressive". She has not been socialized. She has NO IDEA how to act around other people or other animals. She is a Jack Russell, which naturally makes her attentive and possessive of her owners. I'm no dog whisperer, but I'd say that whomever owned her likely never actually took her out of the house. She did know how to play, and LOVES playing with her tennis balls. She also LOVES her walks with me.

In the end, we decided to adopt Avery. I was uncertain, and to a certain degree, still am - as I am constantly thinking about how she will react to the baby. However, if I can manage to have made progress with her at this point, then I think I can handle whatever may come. She is no longer "snipping" at other dogs, unless provoked. She does not "nip" at people, as long as they don't provoke anything, and she is generally well adjusted; but I am certain this is still the beginning of our journey together.
I remember the third day after we picked her up from the shelter, lying in bed and Joe leaned over and said, "It's not often that I would say that doing something like what we've done with this dog was a good idea, but I really think we made a good decision to get her and keep her". I completely agree. Avery came into our lives at a point where we were both exhausted, worn out, etc. We had just started our last round of fertility treatments and I had been quite depressed about that. I wasn't leaving the house very much and mostly I was just very uninspired. I needed a friend her during the day, and a dog was the perfect pal for me to have. In many respects I still think that we needed Avery just as much as she needed us.
So, we are very thankful for Avery and the joy she brings to our little family - even when her little white furs get everywhere and I'm sweeping the floors and vacuuming 4 times a week!

We are happy to have welcomed Avery into our family and hope that we have many years of joy and happiness together!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a BOY!

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since we learned that teeny pannini was a BOY, and we couldn't be more excited. We had to do some shopping immediately, as the nursery bedding we had selected was on sale and in the process of discontinuation, so we wanted to make sure we got it before it was no longer available. We ended up buying the "Little Planes" collection from Pottery Barn Kids and it was so much fun to buy and register for additional items in the store.

While my husband was excited to pick all sorts of "blue" items, he did mention to me that he had looked over at the "girls" side of the store, and was a bit sad that we wouldn't be over there picking out things. I know he would have been thrilled with a girl as well - she certainly would have been his little Princess.

While on vacation, we also purchased several small items for Teeny. We had the opportunity to spend the day in Toronto, where we visited the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Wayne Gretzky restaurant. What a great day! We had some shopping fun at both places as well.

When we returned home from vacation my husband could not wait to create something special for his little guy. Below is the special project he worked on for several days, all handmade with love from Daddy:

We are so excited about seeing Teeny again next week at our 20 WEEK ultrasound!! I can't believe we are half way there! Every time we get to see him, or hear his little heartbeat, is just so wonderful and such a happy occasion. Hopefully we will have somem additional pictures to post after that appointment. Until then, we'll leave you with a picture of our "fury" baby - Avery!