Sunday, June 20, 2010

Basil Grows in Brooklyn

But you wouldn't know that if you had tried planting it last year.
More than abundant, downright habitual downpours stunted the growth of most of my basil plants last year, and therefore no tasty meals made with fresh basil from the garden. But this year, the basil on the patio garden is plentiful and I couldn't be happier. I've already used some on our homemade pizza, and plan to make a nice, authentic Italian meal for my husband this coming week - I'm thinking lasagna!

Also growing by leaps and bounds - a pineapple plant, originally purchased at Ikea, of all places! My husband insists that the pineapple won't be for eating, but rather for looking at, but I have a feeling by the end of summer we will be eating it.
Finally, some container tomato's I am growing. They just started to flower this week, so we should be expecting some fresh tomato's in the coming weeks - can anyone say caprese salad?? This will have to do as we will be skipping our trip to Italy this summer as we continue to prepare to welcome our little one this winter.
Speaking of welcoming the little one, I am 11 weeks this week! Wow, time does NOT fly! It drags! I am so eager to be out of the first trimester and on to the second, and third. Nevertheless, I am very much enjoying the "pregnant" life, and have lots to be grateful for. I already love my "teeny pannini" as we have named him/her!

Back to the garden, I've been hunting for a great pesto recipe, something tasty - but not too strong, and authentic. If you have a great recipe, please send - I would love to feature it - credit given, of course! Signing off for now, it's time to spend a little time snuggling with the one I love.