Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Brooklyn Wedding - Elizabeth Todaro, Pastry Chef

My beautiful wedding cake created by Elizabeth Todaro

Planning a wedding in Brooklyn is no simple task. However, with the right people involved it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Enter Elizabeth Todaro, pastry chef extraordinaire, wife, mother, and now friend. While planning my August 2009 wedding I embarked on a search for a talented pastry chef who could create my dream wedding cake, and manage to complete the task within my budget. After searching out several trendy bakeries and meeting with a few pastry chefs, I finally had the pleasure of coming across Elizabeth.

Elizabeth with one of the tiers of a recent wedding cake

We met on a cold February morning to discuss my ideas for the cake as well as review some of her impressive portfolio of cakes. Right away we hit it off! Elizabeth is a stay-at-home Mom who is also a talented pastry chef. As a work-at-home gal myself, I was impressed by her desire to dedicate her life to spending her days at home with her family, and by being industrious enough to open her own bakery business, right from her Brooklyn kitchen! For Elizabeth though, it seems like the decision was easy as pie, or maybe cake!

Elizabeth, in her element!

Elizabeth has always enjoyed baking, even as a child her favorite thing to bake was Tiramisu – something I have yet to master myself. She even graduated from New York Restaurant School in 2001. After having now 12 year old daughter Sarah, and before giving birth to twin boys Sonny and Massi (now 14 months), Elizabeth was working as a technician’s helper for Verizon. While she was pregnant with the boys she decided that she wanted to start her own home based business as a pastry chef, and worked hard to gain clients, and keep them coming back.
Elizabeth makes about 1 specialty or occasion cake per weekend (think wedding, or special birthday cakes). She is fortunate to be surrounding by a loving and support family including her husband, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. As a family, everyone enjoys the “baking” lifestyle, even daughter Sarah loves to watch TLC’s Cake Boss, although as I learned recently, Sarah also has quite a talent for photography!

Elizabeth's primary reason for wanting to work from home - taking care of, and being close to, her beautiful family - Sonny, Massi, Sarah, and husband Tom (not pictured)

Elizabeth noted that her favorite part of baking for a living is that she gets to be a part of someone’s special day and knowing the importance of that special day herself, being married to husband Tom for several years, she can also understand the pressure brides are under. Elizabeth’s bright smile, warm personality, understanding, and talent for knowing just exactly how to create that perfect wedding cake is what truly sets her apart from the trendy bakeries of Brooklyn and NYC.

After meeting with Elizabeth, clients will be relieved to have found someone truly capable of making their wedding cake, or occasion cake dream come true. In addition to baking, Elizabeth includes delivery of her masterpieces, ensuring that your cake will arrive safe and beautiful at your venue. For the Bride that needs it all, like me, Elizabeth even prepared one of my wedding favors – individually boxed slices of cake – and set them up on cake stands at my wedding venue. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been more pleased with Elizabeth’s masterpiece of a cake, as well as the quality; I reminded her this weekend that I still have my top tier of the wedding cake she made for us and every time I open the freezer my mouth gets all excited to think about biting into that cake on our first wedding anniversary!

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, wedding planning in Brooklyn does not have to be a drama filled, bridezilla fueled, wild experience; it can be very rewarding by working with the right vendors. Elizabeth Todaro certainly fits this bill, and more! Elizabeth can be reached via email at

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Baby!

9 weeks and counting!

In late April, April 29th to be exact, we finally got our positive test! We can't wait to welcome our little one, but ohhhh what a wait we have ahead of us!

While my pregnancy has met me with very few challenges, thus far (knocking on wood), I am anticipating a LONG 6.5 months ahead of me. I think my biggest challenge will be all the waiting, but in particular the first 20 weeks. For a person who constantly seeks instant gratification, waiting a minimum of 16 weeks to find out the gender of her baby is TORTURE! But I am doing my best and just trying to enjoy a seemingly easy pregnancy. I've not been too sick, no "praying to the porcelain god" for me, thus far; but I have been quite exhausted, some days are better than others though.

In order to curb our needs (my need to shop, and my husband's need to plan) we decided to start collecting books for our little one. We've got several of the classics, as well as the newer editions of Sesak's "This Is.." series of travel books for children. Being travelers ourselves, we love the series and are always on the hunt for a new book. We've also started, slowly, moving our office downstairs and planning for the nursery. When I think about these things, I know that 6.5 months will fly by faster than I can imagine.

We also still have to prepare a spare room downstairs for my Mom, Stepdad, and Sister to stay in while here for the birth of their first grandchild and niece/nephew. It seems a bit overwhelming, but I guess that's why we are given 9 months to plan!

Until my next post, I've got tons to do, not to mention my actual job - work consumes me during election years, so that would explain my non-existent posts. But, a quick shout to my friend Brannan - a colleague whom is also pregnant, and about 5 weeks ahead of me. She always has me thinking of new and different ways to do things. While Brannan is a vegetarian, and I thought I could handle a veggie lifestyle while pregnant, I was SO wrong. However, I've made a good compromise. I've been eating only free-range, organic beef and chicken, and will continue to throughout my pregnancy.

So, hopefully will have a Brooklyn Wedding post coming up soon - must get in contact with the pastry chef and attempt to connect with her so that we can get some pictures set and write a nice article for her - you can't beat her prices, quality, craftsmanship (is that what it's called in cake decorating?) and peace of mind she provides, when looking for a wedding or occasion cake. Until then, I will leave you with a picture of our little sticky bean!