Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun!

Just a quick post, as I've been quite busy with life here in Brooklyn to post, I wanted to share s project I completed over the weekend.

For those of you busy moms, wives, sisters, friends, etc, I have a great little project that is easy, FAST, and makes a great gift. After posting a picture of my "pumpkin bouquet" a friend of mine noted that she was going to steal my idea and make one herself to give as a hostess gift to a party she was going to. So, I thought I would share my project with the blog world.

After church on Sunday I stopped into Circus Fruits (Fort Hamilton kwy between 10th and 9th). I selected a small, short, round pumpkin and a small pot of yellow mums. When I got home, while waiting for creepy, halloween cupcakes - also known as "creep cakes" I cut the top off the pumpkin, gutted and cleaned the inside, and placed a small, plastic contained inside the pumpkin. When I was done, I added some dirt from the Mum plant and placed the entire plant inside the plastic container. If you prefer, you can cut the flowers and place them in the plastic container inside the pumpkin. I made the bouquet for my mother-in-law, who really liked the creative little flower vase. I figured since we would only have a few more weeks of decent weather, once the pumpkin starts to rot she can plant the entire pumpkin, minus the plastic container inside, right in the ground and the pumpkin will act as fertilizer for the plant. Should also help your garden for next years plants.

As an added touch, using toothpicks, I attached the "lid" or, as my husband called it, the "hat," to the side of the pumpkin.

As I mentioned before, I completed this project while cupcakes were in the oven. Actually, as I recall, there were exactly 4 minutes left on my oven timer, and I was done before the timer went off.

Hope everyone enjoys this sweet, festive little project!