Sunday, May 31, 2009

Engagement and Wedding Photos - Photographer David Joe

A little plug for our wedding photographer. Last week we met with David Joe to have some engagement pictures taken. As promised, the turnaround time was excellent and we received a disc with our photos on it tonight!
Here are some of the photos he took of us in Central Park. What a wonderful and talented artist Dave is, we are so lucky to have found him.

For more information on David check out his website, DmomentPhotography. Not only is David talented, his rates are excellent. I would whole-heartedly recommend David to anyone looking for a talented, personable photographer in the NYC area.

I've Graduated!

In so many ways! I must apologize, as I know some people check this blog and I haven't had a moment in the last few weeks to write anything. You see, I've graduated! Yes, after spending 2 years at New York University I have finally completed my program and graduated, so I've had some downtime and have been trying to enjoy it and celebrate my accomplishment - I like to think it's been earned.

My Mom, many of you know her as SweetScarlett, made the journey from Birmingham, England, all the way to the Big City - New York City that is, to watch me graduate at Yankee Stadium. She wrote a sappy, but very sweet blog article about it on her page about coming to NYC and visiting with me, if only for a few (much too short) days.

We had a lovely time together and having her here made graduation so special for me. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful job and home life, that allow me to have a very flexible schedule so that I can entertain when family and friends come to visit. While here in the city, Mom and I spent some time shopping in the garment district, shopping in Long Island, and lounging about our house just relaxing - it was a small vacation for me!

While my Mom wrote a very inspiring blog about my experiences during graduate school; she forgot to include herself in my very inspiration to complete graduate school to begin with. If it was not for her own determination and drive to succeed, I would have never applied to NYU to begin with. So, while I do have a wonderful fiance to thank, without my Mother's unending support, I would have never been able to accomplish this goal. I should call my new MA - the WE degree, because really, we all earned it. Everyone who has come into my life and supported me, listened to my constant babbling about politics (especially those of you who take no interest) and who supported me in even the smallest ways, I am truly grateful.

Thanks to all, but especially to my loving family, and my "adopted" family here in Brooklyn - The Dagostinos.

On a Quest for Honey…

After an outing to the Coney Island Museum, my friend (Rachel) and I were discussing how horrible the allergy season has been this Spring. In particular our conversation revolved around what medications worked for each of us, and which did not. Rachel noted that she had a friend who was using honey to combat her allergies; but not just regular honey, local honey. If I was back in Buffalo I wouldn’t have hesitated to take a drive out to the country and find myself some honey via a roadside stand. But, here in Brooklyn, that is not exactly an option. Sure, we can go to any corner store and likely find a small jar of honey, but Rachel noted that it was imperative that the honey be made locally, and as close to your actual residence as possible (in other words, just because it comes from a farm on the east coast, does not mean it is “local” – in our global economy one might get confused on this point, I know I did!) So, Rachel and I decided to do a little searching for some local honey this morning. Before we set out, last night I did a quick search on the benefits of honey and dug a little deeper into the idea of using this sweet wonder to alleviate some of my allergy misery. Upon investigation, I learned that the reason locally made honey is important is because it contains trace amounts of the same pollen that surrounds us in our everyday environments, thereby acting to boost your immune system.

First stop, Cortelyou Green Market. Arriving fashionable late at about 12:30 in the afternoon and were greeted by about 10 tents. The fair included a mushroom vendor, fresh flowers, fresh fish, the bread man, a local bakery, an egg stand, and a lettuce leaf and produce stand, among other vendors. We made our stops at almost all the stands and purchased some semi-local honey, imported from Pennsylvania – about 90 miles away. Although not truly local, I was pleased with the light color of the honey and the vendor assured me that it was excellent honey. Sure enough, I brought the honey home and compared it to my generic honey from the supermarket and the compared the taste and color – I guess I had never thought to do this before, but what a difference! The PA honey was much lighter and flavorful than the supermarket honey. It also seemed less thick than the grocery story honey, even though that honey was just purchased about 3 weeks ago. Upon further investigation into the allergy/honey link, I discovered that in order to really reap the benefits of local honey, you should begin taking a teaspoon or two of honey about 3-4 months before allergy season arrives. None the less, I still took a teaspoon or two of the honey today, and was uplifted by its flavor, if nothing else.

After browsing the Cortelyou Market, we walked down Rugby Street where a Street sale was going on. It was a nice break from the hustle-bustle of my neighborhood, as it reminded me of a cross between Elmwood Village and North Buffalo, back in Buffalo. The neighborhood is comprised of large, single and double family Victorian style homes, on wide, tree-lined streets. The neighborhood boasts a park-like setting, much like the trendy Park Slope area, but minus the trendy and overpriced. Here you can dine at wonderful little restaurants like The Farm on Adderley, or stop at the window of a street-side pizzeria for a slice. You can even shop at the local organic supermarket right in the same neighborhood! Even if you miss the farmers market on Sunday, I will definitely recommend stepping out and taking a stroll down the streets of this Flatbush/Midwood neighborhood.
Cortelyou Market is located on Cortelyou Road at Rugby Road. The market is open on Sundays between 8am and 4pm. Local honey is available in Brooklyn. You can check The Brooklyn Bee to find out where to get some of John Howe's local honey. Howe lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and has three bee-hives on his rooftop. His page has just been updated and has gone from "SOLD OUT" to "AVAILABLE" since this morning.