Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Surprise, Part II

How exciting! Well, today the USPS had their work cut out for them! I received several packages in the mail and all were very welcome.

First, my beautiful sister sent me a package from Sephora. Included in the package was a small card with a sweet message and a round solid of Tocca Brigitte Parfum - my new favorite! I love it! The package also contained several things she had ordered for herself in anticipation of heading back to the United States soon. I tucked away her items so they stay safe until she arrives and immediately found a spot in my perfume caddy for my latest scent!
I also received the second package I was expecting from my Mother. A member of Etsy, and always the best giver giver, she found just the perfect thing for my special day! Inside a large cardboard box, I pulled out a small stuffed terrier pillow! She knew I wanted a dog! The pillow is so sweet and has made it's new home on my reading chair in the office. The terrier, whom I have named Cecilia (I really did name her!) is very unique. She is made with different fabric on each side. On one side she is pink and white with a flower design, and her other side is green and white with a vine pattern. She has a pretty bow for a collar and sweet pink rhinestone eyes. I love her and she was the perfect birthday gift from my loving Mom.

My Mom, Maggie Wareham, or as the blogosphere knows her, SweetScarlett, commissioned Teresa from soblissfullyvintage to make Cecilia for me. You can check out Teresa's items by clicking on the highlighted text. Also, don't forget to check out Maggie's, er SweetScarlett's items for sale on Etsy. A big thank you to Teresa for making such a lovely item for me with such care!

My godmother, Mary, sent me a beautiful string of pearls that I will be wearing for my graduation ceremony in May. This is the second string of pearls that Mary has given me, and both are so beautiful. I often wear the white pearls when I head to my office in Washington, and they always remind me of her.
My bridal slip also came today! Not as exciting as my other gifts, but it's still fun to get something in the mail - especially when it's not a bill! No pictures of the slip, it's quite boring for everyone else :)

So all in all, a pretty good mail day today. No bills, just fun stuff!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Surprise

In anticipation of my birthday next week, my Mom sent two packages to my home here in Brooklyn. While on the phone with her on Monday, she made mention that one of the packages should arrive soon and I could open it when it arrived, instead of waiting until next week. For someone as impatient as me, I was very excited to hear this! Sure enough, the package arrived later that morning and I was so excited to open it and find a beautifully wrapped silver spoon “ring rest”.
As you can see, the little lace envelope was accompanied by a small, linen cloth “birthday card”, and the sweetest miniature bouquet of tiny blue/violet flowers tied together with some sweet little ribbon. My mother purchased this from Sue of Cottonseed, also on Etsy. Do go visit and check out her items for sale - she has all sorts of unique and charming items listed.

I immediately place my little gift on my kitchen windowsill so it could be used for to keep my beautiful diamond ring safe from dish doom! I love my little gift and was so excited to get such a thoughtful present from my Mom. I can’t wait until the other package arrives as well! Thanks Mom!


Lately I’ve been walking home from my weight watchers meeting and on my journey have found a wonderful local nut store called Supernuts. For someone who doesn’t really like nuts all that much, I must say that they have the most delicious almonds I have ever had! They roast all of their own nuts right in the store, right behind the counter, and the prices are not that bad either.
I usually get ½ lb. of almonds and they last me the whole week, if not longer. When I need a quick snack, I grab a small handful of these and their sweet and salty combination is perfect for that afternoon hunger pain that kicks in. The guys behind the counter are always friendly and will make you laugh. Supernuts on Kings highway has a wide variety of other nuts, and dried fruit as well – YUM! Note: Supernuts does not have an official website, at least one that I could find via google, but they do have a facebook group page. Supernuts is located at 701 Kings Highway at East 7th Street.

A Sweet Treat - A&S Bakery

Upon returning home from my weight watchers meeting at the Kings Highway center here in Gravesend, I just couldn’t wait to bite into one of my favorite things – an A&S black and white cookie!

I wait all week for one of these delightful treats, and with good reason – this past week I lost 2.8 lbs! So, in celebration and in order to avoid getting the feeling of deprivation, I took a short walk to A&S to pick up my black and white, as well as two lemon drops for a treat.

This is my weekly ritual – and it works. Of course, by Friday I am usually thinking to myself – only 3 more days, only 3 more days! A&S is – BY FAR – the best bakery in Brooklyn. Sure, Mona Lisa makes a good cup of coffee – but so does Starbucks. Villabate is good – but in terms of taste, A&S out-performs every time.

So, next time you are in the Gravesend area, don’t forget to stop into A&S – my recommendation is the black and white – I would go as far as saying they make the best black and white in the entire region (including Manhattan). Besides, the girls at A&S are so sweet; they must be soaking up excess sugar from the place – now go, get yourself a black and white! A&S Bakery is located at 200 Avenue S between West 5th and West 6th streets. They don't have a website - but their phone number is 718-645-1295.