Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday shopping day!

In my attempt to prepare for my shopping day tomorrow, I set out my all important reusable bags for their trip to our local Shop-Rite. As you can see, although we do not have a Wegmans nearby (please Danny, bring one to Brooklyn SOON), I always have a little bit of Wegmans when I shop locally.
Just a quick note, today Joe and I went to rent transportation for the wedding! With grad school coming to a close for me, I can finally start planning. We ended up renting a Lincoln Stretch for the families and a 1955 Rolls Royce for us to travel in. My thanks to Donna from Romantique Limos for the great deal!
More to come on Saturday - I've got a great little Brooklyn piece to share with everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever in the Brook!

I woke up this morning to a lovely full sun soaking through my sheer curtains. I couldn’t have been more excited. I had checked the weather forecast last night and knew that today would be a brilliant day! And so it was! I decided to take a walk mid-day to drop by the local post office and mail a few letters. I didn’t even wear a jacket it was so beautiful out.
When I returned home I set out to take some pictures of the garden in the yard and some of our upstairs patio as well. After taking the pictures I began getting some seed started in a soil cell tray. I started morning glories and moonflowers; which will climb the railing on the patio and should create a beautiful, lush green wall in our little spot in the city.
As I was carefully placing the seeds in the tray, Joe came upstairs with the patio table and chairs, as well as my white, wooden rocker chair. While Joe was fixing up the patio bistro set, I went ahead and started dinner and set the bistro for our first outdoor meal this year.
It was about 5:00pm, and I didn’t think it was going to get cold out again, at least not until sundown, so I thought we had time to enjoy our meal. Unfortunately, it got cold out rather quickly, and before dinner was ready I had to move our place settings back into the kitchen for an inside dinner.
Dinner was a quick chicken, broccoli, and rice dish that Joe really likes. I actually think we got the recipe from the soup label; but he really enjoys it, and its one of the few dishes I can make for him that actually has chunks of vegetables in it. When I make this particular dish for Joe he likes me to wrap some up so he can take it with him to work. We always say that all the other mechanics are jealous that he gets a home-cooked meal/snack to bring to work with him (however simple it might be) instead of having to eat airport food.

So all in all, a pretty productive day here in “the Brook” as my sister has dubbed it. I got a lot accomplished because I was up very early starting my research (my full-time job) and was then able to get additional things accomplished. Hoping tomorrow proves to be a fruitful day as well! Come back and visit the clothesline soon for more updates on how the patio garden and downstairs garden are coming along!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Welcome! I've decided to begin a new blog. So, welcome to the new Brooklyn Clothesline. You might ask how I came up with such a name. Let me explain. When I first moved to Brooklyn I was a bit shy to the idea of the city (and admittedly I still am quite a bit), but there are things I truly do enjoy. One of the things I love about where we live is the way our yard looks in the summer, especially on a warm summer day when the clean, crisp white sheets hang from the high clothesline. But it's not enough to see my sheets draped from the line and floating on the air; I can look up and around and see others' laundry hanging from their own clotheslines. I suppose this reminds me that there is life in the city, and of course, that these living creatures also have loads of laundry to do, just like me! However simplistic it may be, it reminds me of home; hanging our sheets out to dry on a line in the little village of Williamsville. But the best part of the clothesline is pulling those sheets off the line and smelling the clean scent of the Atlantic Ocean; just a short distance away from our home.

So, now that I have explained the Brooklyn Clothesline, you may be able to guess what this blog is going to be centered around. That's right, Brooklyn! The Brooklyn clothesline will be dedicated to emphasizing the "home-like" qualities Brooklyn has to offer to newbie’s just like me. Hopefully this first article has already helped make someone else feel more at home in the borough!

Please feel free to comment, send article suggestions, and just peruse the blog in general. Although I am not quite finished with grad school, I am hoping that I will find the time to post at least one article a week for followers. Please go ahead and email with your email address so I can send you updates when I do post a new article.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new Brooklyn Clothesline!